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Once upon a time,  back in late 2006, a far younger Tekno was talking to Sledgehammer70, admin/owner of the gaming site “Big Time Tournaments”, online. Traffic at BTT was not quite what it was at it’s peak, when the RTS game Battle for Middle Earth 2 had just come out; activity was starting to slow in the forums.

So Tekno, who was itching to do some sort of comic work, pitched the idea of adding a webcomic to BTT’s repertoire, to add some unique content/possibly some eyeballs. And the idea actually went somewhere, and more importantly, the artist with the chronic inability to actually finish anything kept at it.

BT Toons’ focus has changed and evolved over its eight-year history of obscurity. In the beginning, much of the comic’s content was devoted to riffing on the games BTT covered, with a cast all inspired/based off of various site staff members. Slowly, but surely, this began to change as people left the site, and Tekno found himself playing computer games less regularly, leading to the introduction of new characters and storylines unique to the comic’s universe and overtime a continuity whose writer hopes isn’t only followable in his own head.

Flashing forward to the present day, the comic has become it’s own beast, with a unique stable of characters as well as evidence of Tekno stripmining his childhood creativity to further populate/elaborate on the universe he has crafted.

BT Toons is presently updated Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sometimes one, sometimes both.