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So, as some of you have probably noticed, Fillertime policy is currently in effect, which means that I run a story that I drew by hand, unlike my usual digital work, and do coloring/dialogue touchups then post. It’s a way of giving myself a break while in the middle of other engagements.

Of course, this year’s had a bit of a twist. I arbitrarily decided as I reread/edited my filler that it wasn’t good enough. So I’m going and drawing filler pages for said filler now, which is more work than I originally planned. A story that WAS about a dozen pages or so is probably gonna be more like 18-20 now when I’m through.

However, as usual with Fillertime bouts, the update schedule is changing because I don’t want this stuff to run for months and months on end. So until I’ve used up all these updates, BT Toons will be updating triweekly on a M-W-F schedule. After this, it’s probably back to the usual Tues/Fri updates.