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So, with this Friday update, we hit page 18 of my 12 page filler.

And no, it’s not done yet. I’ve got at least 2 weeks of updates before I finish the story – possibly 3 if I add more filler filler, which is probable given the established pacing I have (plus the lack of fight scenes in the original).

And to be honest? I’m at the point now where, 6 weeks into doing this, I kinda really want to take advantage of this cliffhanger point and suspend the filler until sometime in the fall or something, and go back to one-offs and advancing the many plotpoints I’ve had in limbo since February. I’ve got characters I haven’t touched on in FAR too long now, to boot, and this only delays getting back to their storylines.

So that said, please vote in the poll and lemme know.