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So yeah – another day, another design that needs some elaboration. Namely, the dual-named “Oilslick” Uguu, named because I couldn’t decide what name to slap on to her character.

Oils is one of the few new characters to be introduced in this Tweet Titans comic – the design being one that I like quite a bit. Given her IRL counterpart is a fan of TFA Oil Slick, the Decepticon’s design was incorporated into her design – the giant chemical containers, heelwheels, and hands being inspired by it.

As for the rest of the getup, it’s largely inspired by her IRL counterpart’s slight accent, and my love of the ArchieSonic character of Bunnie Rabbot. And let’s face it – southern accent chick with a hat, lots of hair, and wheelfeet/cool arms/legs is kinda awesome designwise.

Quite honestly, out of all the Tweet Titans designs, this one’s the one I have the most fun drawing/reworking for use in other stuff.