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So, this has technically been ‘live’ since Monday or so, I suppose, but I guess I may as well make it official and all…

BT Toons now has a mobile website!

Yes, it’s something I’ve been working on in my spare time. It’s not 100% feature complete, and there’s probably bugs here and there, but for all intents and purposes, it is functional.

Current features:

  • Panel-by-panel or “view entire comic” zoom (Note that portrait/landscape are different experiences for the latter mode).
  • Access to the comic archives, blog, and cast list.
  • Acts as an iOS web app – adding it to your home screen gives you a snazzy loading screen as well as no browser bars.
Now, here’s where you guys come in – I’ve only tested this on iOS, and even then I haven’t been through the entire comic database…. if you see any bugs, be they functionality or just improper comic panel cropping (I know for a fact that there’s gonna be a number of comics I haven’t put in specific panel zoom data for yet, so they’ll use the defaults I set up), do feel free to post about them here so I can get to addressing them. Further, if you’ve got a mobile that isn’t iOS and see any odd stuff, I do implore you to let me know so I can get right on fixing it.
Heck – if something doesn’t work properly, or a feature is unintuitive? Do let me know as well so I can make it work better!

Oh, and as for the lack of the last couple updates? They’re coming… my lack of a buffer, however, meant that throwing together comics while out of town last weekend wasn’t really doable. (So I did heavy work on coding the mobile site instead, naturally.