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So it’s getting to that time of year where I hunker down for 24 hours straight and draw a 24 hour comic at Happy Harbor Comics up in Edmonton as part of their 24 Hour Comics Day event.

(Specifically, this Saturday).

And as is usual, the event is run by Happy Harbor as a fundraiser for Literacy Alberta and Boys & Girls Club/Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton, which is where this post comes in.

Today and Thursday (and heck, let’s say next week too), I’m going to be doing some dirt cheap character doodlesketches to further raise funds to donate to the cause – for the measly sum of 5 dollars you can get a colored digital sketch of whatever character you wish, my own or otherwise.

Here’s how this is gonna work:

  1. Tweet me a sketch request @GeneralTekno or email at tobomi@gmail.com to let me know you’re interested and await my affirmative response. Pretty much anything is fair game but know that if it’s something explicit, it’d be appreciated if you donate more.
  2. Go to Happy Harbor Comics’ site and donate 5 bucks or however much you wish, and indicate you’re pledging under my name (Michael Ivey) in the “Donation Instructions” text box on the Paypal screen.
  3. Email me a screenshot of the donation (via tobomi@gmail.com) along with the agreed-upon character request info (in case I forget). If you don’t want me to share the drawing online once it’s done and sent your way, please specify.
  4. I reply to your email with a drawing!

As for some quickie samples of the sort of stuff I can do for this cheap cheap price, look no further than any of the character models visible on the right sidebare of the site, or at some samples right here.

Again, this whole shebang is a limited time deal – I’ll be taking requests through this weekend only. Any requests gotten today or Thursday may well be delivered within a 24 hour period, for that matter, as I plan to set time aside for those.

Thank you very much!
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