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If there is one thing Bee excels at, it is data analysis. Namely, cataloguing each and every failed attempt Lord Antograph has made to defeat Extro and Wheelie.

It sickens him.
As Lord Antograph’s primary source of data analysis, the spineless Bee has the thankless task of attempting to keep his master apprised of important goings-on, despite his being constantly ignored. The many years of going unheeded despite his statistically superior judgement have grown a shard of resentment inside him, wishing his master was out of the way so that he could take matters into his own hands and run them competently.Every statistic, every indication shows that, were his master not in command, were ANYONE ELSE in command, this distraction would have been eradicated and the ┬ácolonies would be faring far better than their current status.

Despite this, however, he takes pains to keep this distaste for current leadership to himself – Antograph, in the end, is his master, and he is nothing but loyal.

Unless, of course, anything should happen to the exalted one…