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Beetle is almost certainly insane.

Combining the unfocused mind of a child, extreme attention deficit disorder, and an unhealthy obsession with whatever is on his mind at the time, he by any objective account is not fit to lead anything.

And yet, despite this, he remains Lord Antograph’s primary field commander.

Despite this, he definitely gives his A-OK! 122.327 percent! Totally-woten-ally full effort! to his position. Though capable of following orders well enough, he is in fact most dangerous when he is given nothing but a vague objective. And possibly salami. Or nachos. Oooo! No! Wait! A Snausage Screwdriver!

Without the guidance of Lord Antograph and the Insektor Overlords to keep Beetle’s attention focused well enough, just what actions Beetle would perpetrate, unchecked, are completely unpredictable.