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Like most Technoraptors, Cel harbors an inherent superiority complex; an ingrained belief that lesser life forms aren’t worth the time or trouble. Any inferior beliefs or technology are only good for one thing- to be mocked.

This has made his assigned pairing with fellow soldier Dar, an avowed human technophile, somewhat awkward at times, given the sheer inferiority of said devices to the already built-in systems in his body.

Despite this, however, Cel does acknowledge other life forms can do do some things well – for instance, when run through his internal processors, human-designed games are almost as good as being on the battlefront, and far more interesting than standard Technoraptor battle sims. And his hero worship of the agent known to fellow Imperium troops as “the Immortal” borders on fanatical; to the point that he’s even modified his cybernetics to homage her signature blade weapon.

Cel is currently employed as bar security.