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While just a teenager, Doe was propelled to fame while living abroad in Japan. Becoming the popular TV idol known as “Doe-tan”, she hosted a general interest fluff talk show so popular that before long her image was plastered all over every magazine. Retiring from idoldom at the peak of her popularity she returned to the United States alongside the rest of her blended family to get away from the glitz and glamour to focus on her studies in journalism.

Struggling to find employment thanks to a lousy economy and a news media not willing to take a former idol seriously, with the rise of YouTube Doe decided to try another route. Parlaying her online following into a general interest pop culture and politics vlog,  she soon acquired a sizeable fanbase of people who wanted to watch a hot and cute Japanese-American chick talk about pretty much whatever.

After several years of hard work allowing for increased production values, today¬†“Doe-tan’s Model Nation” now gets millions of hits a day, worldwide. Despite her show now being on-par with most news programs out there, and her journalistic integrity having not dimmed, Doe still yearns for the big story that would finally let her be taken seriously by her peers.