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Two decades ago, the Insektor Overlords were a fearsome power in their corner of the galaxy. With an empire stretching across hundreds of planets and colonies, they ruled their area of space mercilessly.

Then, two things happened – the rise of Lord Antograph to power, and their invasion of their ancestral enemy, planet Eyeball. Conquering the pacifistic planet was not enough for Antograph – he wanted to see all who escaped his chitonous grasp to suffer.

And so it was at the turn of the century that the Insektor Overlords invaded Earth en masse, where many refugees had settled years before. In particular, invading one particular neighborhood in Edmonton, Canada.

Where their armada was routed and defeated by a couple of kids.

Incensed at his defeat, rather than leave to fight another day, Antograph swore to remain on Earth with his inner circle until he exacted his vengence. Which he would do via overwrought plot after overwrought plot, in the same timeslot every Saturday morning for the next twelve years.

During which the now-leaderless Colonies stagnated. And were ripe for conquest by a new encroaching power, the Technoraptor Imperium…