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For every orthodoxy, there’s the one that came before it.

Such as the Praetorian Order. The former elite class of the Technoraptor Imperium, this caste acted as the upper echelon of the commanding/advisory body until <REDACTED>. Rallying behind <REDACTED> after his return to prominence, they opposed the rule of Tekno in a civil war that ended with <REDACTED>.

Zealously believing in the absolute supremacy of Technoraptors, the Praetors regard all other life as inherantly inferior, to be used as tools, slaves, or simply eradicated, as well as their holy mission to ensure the Imperium’s unstoppable, unabatable expansion and application of force into all corners of all galaxies. Individually not particularily clever, their threat level is entirely dependant on the individual commanding a particular cell.

At present, all traces of the order were believed to have perished in the aftermath of the civil war, although sporadic sightings of the crimson-robed fanatics have been made on Earth in recent years. Whether or not these are somehow sleeper remnants of the original faction or new, disaffected recruits is unknown, but with their former leadership dead, their fragmented tatters of an organization is not seen to be worth the trouble of eradication.