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SarahSarah is one of those 10-year old girls who is impossible to hate. Unerringly polite, mild-mannered, soft-spoken, she possesses a sunny, optimistic outlook on life, pure as a gentle flower.

However, her introverted nature, coupled with an inability to assert herself, has made her an easy target of bullies; especially the persona Sinvy adopts at recess. Nervous and shy, seeking to avoid confrontation, she will easily fold to Sinvy’s demands, stooping to pleading if she is unable to provide what her older schoolmate wants.

Though her amiable nature has afforded her many friends, her selflessness prevents her from admitting whenever she’s faced with a problem she can’t surmount. However, though she may scare or frighten easily, the fact that she has yet to be truly broken by any of these experiences indicates she may have a stronger constitution than it appears.