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To accuse Shiels of only being in something for the money would probably provoke a gasp, then an impassioned denial that she would ever only be after such a shallow thing.

Then, once the accuser was out of earshot, she’d drop the act and admit that yeah, that’s pretty much it. Scruples schmuples, exploitation sexploitation, she’s just in it for the cold hard cash. Or, to advance to a position where she can get more cold hard cash to fuel her indulgent, expensive lifestyle. (Her tastes aren’t cheap, you know!)

But high stress isn’t for her, and higher education was never her strong suit anyhow. So naturally, she works a job where youth, charisma, and looks alone mean big rewards, especially if you’re willing to flirt with a bunch of drunk, immature males with cash to burn and no wits between them.

Though calm and in control when in her element, Shiels tends to have trouble dealing as soon as things start to go south and spiral out of control, causing her stress to rise and spazzy tendencies to set in. The last thing she wants is to be in a place where she’s uncomfortable, embarrassed, shown-up, or any other sort of situation that makes her look like some kind of miserly, uncaring, callous,¬†irresponsible¬†ditz.