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Like the rest of his race, Tekno was spawned in a cylinder filled with various nutient fluids and cybernetic installers.

However, not all are created equal.

The culmination of a scientific endeavor to create the ultimate warrior,  Tekno has been gifted with many genetic enhancements that put him above and beyond the rest of his race, including non-degradable telomeres, superior speed, strength, and reflexes, and cutting edge cybernetics.

Oh, and there’s the organic crystals grafted into his genetic code. Protruding from his back, they allow him to tap into the primal energies of the universe itself, enabling him to channel vast power through his specially fortified body.

Not initially sought as part of the package was his heightened intelligence. Proving his mettle, Tekno quickly rose through the ranks, through circumstance and trial by fire becoming supreme leader of his race.

Despite his vast reserves allowing him easy defeat over most enemies, Tekno adheres to a self-imposed code of honor – a belief in giving his opponent a fighting chance to show their mettle in combat. As such, he very rarely enters the field of battle himself; choosing instead to command from the might of his command ship, the Devastar.

Despite his authority over the forces of the Imperium, there is evidence this may not be absolute. What little that has been pieced together from various side remarks of his soldiers on Earth implies there was a time of great internal conflict not long ago, and furthermore that despite his power, there may indeed be those who far outstrip him…