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You would think that thousands of years since their master was defeated in the frozen wastes of what was once Angmar would deter the Thrallmasters from continuing to serve his will.

You’d have guessed wrong.

Having survived for millennia, or at least since the “Lord of the Rings” books were published (this matter is of historical dispute depending on who you talk to), the Order of Thralls has always sought to continually recruit and sway others to pledge their allegiance to their Lord Angmar and his long-since vanquished gods.

And once they figured out that cable TV was the perfect way to do this, they latched on pretty darn quick. Today, the Thrall News Network commands millions of viewers, who all enthusiastically tune in to hear the latest anti-Numenorian diatribes disseminated by the Order. Incredibly wealthy, the Order has managed to acquire much power and prestige across the globe through entirely legitimate means, making it a force to be reckoned with should its leaders cease to be concerned with ratings, profits, and the overall success of their media empire.