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Tornado’s 13-year old kid sister, Breeze considers herself a hacker wunderkind.

Which is fairly accurate. Given she routinely hacks government databases when she gets bored. Not out of maliciousness or activism, but to find some new reading material.

Breeze’s computer prowess, naturally, has come at the expense of other skill sets – namely, leaving her room once in a while and doing stuff. The usual extent of her interaction with others is typically either pestering her brother, ┬áhanging out in her room with Nya, or kicking Mew out of the basement he tends to commandeer. Her pale complexion is a testament to her dedication to cyberspace; she considers her self-declared “hacker tan” a point of pride.

If there is only one limitation to her abilities, it is her own naive carelessness – despite being able to hack systems in, well, a breeze, she tends to do careless things without thinking. Like not masking her IP address. Or sending emails to sysadmins to point out errors/oversights in confidential documents.

When not at home, at the movies, or at school, Breeze can typically be found working as a server at the nearby Fredco Coffee establishment.

Or rather, she could, until she got arrested for possessing some as-yet unspecified form of child porn…