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One of the original members of the BTT ensemble, the feline once known to his friends as GT tirelessly works to increase traffic online by… well.

(It seems we can’t really actually say without engaging in blatant fourth wall breaking. So disregard all this.)

Whatever the case, Mew is a cat who is passionate about what he likes. Perhaps a little TOO passionate. Especially considering the stuff he loves tends to be minutia and lore for various elements of fiction. Obsessing over the little things, he can work himself into an outraged frenzy when he sees something wrong on the internet, in his fandom.

Until his mind manages to get off that one track it’s stuck on, upon which he reverts back to his normal brand of lunacy.

Further idiosyncracies of Mew have revealed themselves as time has gone on; the acquisition of a Technoraptor cloning cylinder via somewhat convenient means has only increased his ego’s elasticity, allowing him to create his own personal army of minions/food supply. Combined with his love of ranting, monologuing, and overelaborate giant hats, capes, and shoulderpads, it was only logical that he would soon develop a supervillainous alter ego dedicated to conquering the world.

Fortunately for him, he’s so far kept his villainous master plans confined to delivering rants in Breeze’s basement. Except for that business in Nigeria awhile back.