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Calling Sinvy “random” is somewhat of an understatement. One minute possessed of a firey temper, the next as invisible as a ghost, Sinvy can come across as somewhat bipolar, but she’s not.
She just tends to break character. A lot.
A dedicated role-player, Sinvy never really latched on to confining such antics to Livejournal or Formspring, instead treating it almost like performance art. When in character, she is capable of pulling a complete 180, going from a unassuming, excitable introvert to a sunglasses-donning, short-fused, aggressive delinquent.
Unfortunately, she has one of those rare mixes of pathological obsession and a very short attention span. Convincing though she can be, the slightest deviation from the script, be it an unexpected event or just a Twitter notification, will snap her out of character, typically leaving those nearby completely confused.
To get into in character, Sinvy will require a prop of some sort – it is thus no wonder that the sunglasses of her favored persona very rarely leave her person. Interestingly, this suggests she could easily assume a wildly different personality if given a different “costume” of some sort…