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The once-head honcho of BTT, Sledge is the original boss-man, the big cheese, the guy who runs the show and makes sure the music is played and the lights are lit. Despite his fiery appearance, he is typically of a cool head, and is a voice of reason and common sense.

Unless, maybe, you’re talking gaming and technology. Such matters inflame his passions and get him all fired up. A huge Lord of the Rings fan, Sledge built up the original BTT network and ran it as a hub for news on the LOTR:Battle for Middle Earth RTS series (and run tournaments!), making many friends, allies, and contacts along the way.

Though no longer at the helm, he has continued to move forward in the world, spawning two offspring as well as working in the gaming industry he so loves as a community manager, allowing him to do what he loves, but to actually get paid doing it.