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As a big Star Wars fan, Tornado has attempted to live his life by the Jedi code.

A very self-serving one, at that.

Exploiting an MMO game glitch, the otherwise pathetic-at-gaming Tornado was able to seduce any NPC with a wave of his virtual hand. Using his abilities to make a tidy profit off of machinima porn, he eventually attracted the attention of an overinfatuated NPC. Overtime, annoyance morphed into some form of mutual respect and affection, and she became a digital girlfriend for a time. Until he abruptly ditched her.

Living somewhat lazily, Tornado possesses a misplaced sense of overconfidence and bravado. Not afraid to wear his interests on his sleeve, his apartment is prominently decorated with both Star Wars and pornographic memorabilia. It’s thus no surprise that his choice of lifestyle is somewhat disapproved of by his parents.

Despite his lifestyle, Tornado is not any particular sort of ladies’ man in real life. About the only female he has been on consistently good terms with is his kid sister breeze – despite the typical familial sibling rivalry/annoyances, he is fairly protective of his somewhat naive sister.

After a chance meeting in a bar, he is currently dating (with full benefits) Deej.