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From inception, Ana was created different from most NPCs. Programmed as part of an initiative to create sentient agents capable of creatively dealing with problematic users/scenarios, Agent S-14 was assigned by the evil council of admins as an ironic punishment for the user known as Tornado. Infatuated with him, her mission was to gather the intelligence required to prove he was violating the ToS by abusing a “sexploit” present in the game, thus allowing them to discreetly ban him and prevent knowledge of the hack from leaking.

Initial plans went awry, however, as it became clear that Ana had genuine feelings for Tornado, albeit one-sided. So strong were the sentiments that even when confronted with how she herself was being used by him, she refused to cooperate, instead deleting all evidence. These actions labelled her as a rogue program within the system, stripping her of her former status and making her “delete on sight” to any other agent of the system.

After proving her devotion to Tornado, saving his character from corruption, Ana took it upon herself to train her beau, allowing him to become quite powerful. After which, upon gaining access to the upcoming sequel’s beta, he subsequently dumped her without any regards for her. Distraught, and unawares her apprehension had once more taken priority, Ana was easily apprehended by NPC Agent X-4. Captive, and at his mercy, she jumped at the oppurtunity he gave her to be dummy-loaded into the beta as a regular user, thus removing her rogue status and allowing her to find Tornado at the cost of everything she formerly was and had.

Exactly what strings are attached to said arrangement have yet to show themselves, however…

Before her downgrade, Ana posessed the unique class of Hammerspace Mage Рcapable of summoning a powerful weapon from thin air, she was among the strongest class of  fighters present in the game. After being stripped of all former inventory, levels, and abilities in order to survive, these advantages were removed, and she became a mundane player.

Ana’s current whereabouts and power levels are unknown.