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To say Deanna Jhe has entered the cast almost by pure chance is accurate. Encountering Tornado one night in a bar, the two hit it off almost immediately over their shared disdain for diehard obsessive Star Wars purists who ruin it for everyone else, and within a matter of hours were in the sack.

Which is where they seem to spend a lot of time when together. And they’re always finding new and creative means to spend said time, from drinking games to costumed play.

When not engaging in said escapades, Deej has a day job as an admin at FredCo Games. Just what exactly she does isn’t entirely clear, but judging by her regular tablet usage in the off-hours she seems to bring her work home with her a lot.

Given her relationship with Tornado is largely physical, it’s currently unclear just how compatible said couple is for the long-term. Aside, of course, from the obvious physical compatibility of certain organs and orifices.