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Upon seeing the movie District 9 several years ago, Mew happened to be exiting alongside a Technoraptor who was upset at how inaccurately the movie portrayed the arrival of a technologically superior alien force.

And it so happened that said raptor let the classified state secret that Earth was occupied slip, during his ranting.

In an attempt to contain his mistake, so that he wouldn’t have to explain to a superior just why he’d had to off some random sentient cat then and there, he gave Mew something far better than “hush money” – his very own Technoraptor cloning cylinder.

And naturally, it wasn’t long before Mew decided to create his own army of edible generics.

Based off a standard mouse template, the Kyuu have been bred with innate genetic loyalty to their master, and seek to please him at every turn; their loyalty so inbred that they seek to emulate their master’s appearance through donning paper hats. Unquestioning of their master, they will obey him to the best that their simple brains and minds allow.

It probably helps too that none of them want to become food for screwing up, either.

(Author’s note: While I’d love to take credit for these guys, they were in fact graciously designed by Derrick Wyatt in a silly Twitter-induced doodle of Mew as a mouse in a paper hat.)