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It’s been asked just what, other than Starcraft, Mendes actually likes.

And the answer? Not much.

Overly critical of everything he doesn’t like, he is always drawing comparisons to how much better Starcraft did it, or just how much better Starcraft is. A purist at heart, he is even somewhat dismissive of Starcraft II, maintaining the superiority of the original game over everything else ever created in the history of mankind. Any deviation or attempt to modify some aspect of the Starcraft lore sends him into a rage.

Mind, this also makes trolling him really easy – all one really has to do is just diss Starcraft in some way, and it’ll piss him off.

Although a Starcraft purist first and foremost, Mendes is also very unforgiving of any attempt to create an adaptation, sequel, compilation, or any sort of iterative improvement over something that came before, no matter how superior it may actually be. If it’s newer, it’s probably worse.