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A longtime veteran of the video game industry, Samus has since fallen on hard times. Spawned back in 1986, the success of the original game, combined with the general durability of mascots, lack of character development, and general atmosphere of the 80s led to her becoming quite the freespending party girl, and developing quite the star-power arrogance.

And then she pissed all her money away, and her attitude led to her franchise’s eventual suspension after the production nightmare she made of Super Metroid. Falling hard, she was dealt a hard lesson in humility. Her worldview now passive-agressively cynical, with no work and no money, subsisting off meager royalties, she was forced into the only profession that would take her: retail.

Despite her best efforts to make do, saying fate has not treated her kindly is an understatement. It is almost as if the universe has made a sport of seeing her get screwed over again and again in continually worse ways, culminating in her actively being replaced from her own franchise due to a lack of proper… endowment by Team Ninja’s standards. (Not to mention her retaliatory drunken arson.)

With each new game, new pseudomemories/experiences/skills were layered on to her character – though to her, they happened, they haven’t really happened in the real world. Due to the time in between games, and her genesis in the days of loosely defined mascot personalities, hers has evolved such that the external factors have had little impact on who she had already become. Since her dismissal, naturally, no new data has been input, making her engrams a cumulative product of the Metroid series up to before Other M was produced.

(Aside: Given her successor in the role was generated at this particular point, her personality would thus be more directly formed by the increased character details provided by her initial engram batch, making her a very different individual.)

Having been last seen as a victim of reposession, organ harvesting, and a stabbing, Samus’ current status is unknown.