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For thousands of years, humanity has looked to the stars, wondering if anything else has been up there, be they gods, divine entities, or other alien beings.

As it turns out, there’s several. Among whom, most notably, are the forces of the New Technoraptor Imperium. A warrior race of cyborg saurians, they possess a very….well, bluntly descriptive name (in English, anyway – the benefits of a cybernetic mind allowing for easy linguistic uploads). Grown and bred for battle, their race has a long history of conquest and combat, possessing many advanced technologies including cloning, interstellar travel, and various advanced weapons of mass destruction.

Arriving to our system a few years ago with no warning, rather than completely devastate the planet and subjugate the human race, the Imperium instead decided to adopt a more pragmatic policy. Enlisted to provide supplies, materiel, and a useful staging ground for Imperial territory, Earth has been otherwise left to its own affairs. Just why that is is unclear, though it has been  speculated that humanity has been spared precisely because their technological level would not provide any sort of realistic threat. It is entirely possible the Technoraptors seek to expedite planetary advancement if only to cultivate worthy allies, or even opponents for their empires and armies to combat.

A very hubristic race, the Technoraptors are convinced they are the superior lifeform – though not paranoid to the extent of wanting to wipe everything out, they innately harbor a good deal of disdain for what they view as lesser lifeforms. Possessing a somewhat complex warrior code, they seek to fight what they perceive as fair fights – as a result, they typically shun orbital bombardments save as a last resort, and even extend to ensuring they give their opponents a “level playing field” by harmonizing communications to that of the local species’ tongue. Subterfuge is unseemly; if they are so superior, they should be able to claim victory regardless of handicap, and in “fair” combat.

Amazingly, the general populace has remained rather ignorant of the fact that Earth is actually an occupied world; it is largely used as a shore leave planet by various regimens of Technoraptors taking a break from the front lines in their tireless bid to expand their empire and find worthy opponents to fight. It’s entirely likely that given the massive number of other oddities and species present, nobody thinks twice of cyborg velociraptors being added to the mix.

Despite this relative ubiquitousness, and their race’s stated age, very little is known about them by other space-capable races such as the Insektor Overlords, the Pacif, and the Ibalites -that they are relative newcomers to the galactic arena is inconsistent with their level of sophistication and technology. In fact, the very fact they consider themselves the NEW Imperium in of itself raises more questions that only the Technoraptors themselves can answer…