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Well, I’m no Levar Burton, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go and recommend some other great webcomics to check out!

You wouldn’t think that you could milk an entire comic off of bashing the TSA…. but as it turns out, you can. Forster puts his past experience working for said organization to good use in this comic.

A hilarious brand spanking new comic by the comic colorist industry’s own Pr1ps, who’s also a talented artist in her own right!

This comic can be slow to update sometimes, and can go in spurts based on the creator’s own writer’s block/available time, but when it’s going, it’s gold.

A must read for those of you out there with geeky interests such as tabletop gaming, LARP, roleplaying, and anything else in a geekier genre. Plus, the creator’s an Alberta local, so there’s that!

Doug TenNapel’s work has been a big influence on my own, via Earthworm Jim (though he admittedly had no direct role in the cartoon that heavily influenced me) and his other graphic novels. And this is his go at doing a pretty entertaining (and now complete and available in graphic novel format) webcomic.

A webcomic about toy collecting, as well as the crazy cast of characters that works at a toy store.

Willis’ second ongoing webcomic, this one’s his continuity reboot without aliens, superpowers, or the like. Just a ton of characters at college.

A steampunk-esque webcomic written and illustrated by the Foglios, following the ongoing adventures of Agatha Heterodyne. A fun read with some excellent characters and art.

Let’s face it – you have zero geek cred if you don’t read this. Hilarious webcomic proving that ex-NASA physicists who draw stick people can make a living off of cartooning.

Another genuinely solid comic. A newspaper comic that would never run (and has in fact had several rejections) in newspapers due to the subject matter.