Hello from the past!

Yes, you heard me right – I actually managed to finish a comic and prime it to go well before it its airtime.

As of the future time of this being published, I will be 2 hours into a screening of “The Hobbit”. So woohoo!

As for the unusual Mew/Pikabot designs in this comic… well then. It’s a flashback, is it not? And so I found myself hunting through my archives, to get an idea of how I actually drew Mew back then when his character design was still very much in development, for inspiration. Pikabot on the other hand was me working backwards from his current design and his previous one – flashbackwise, this DOES take place before I knew most of the LOTR-affiliated people, outside of the comic universe.

Am I being insanely anal about continuity? Yes. But there’s fun in that.

(And for that matter, Mew’s size back then is indeed indicative of his age. Sapients do age slower than regular cats, however…)