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So, sorta prompted by some comments on Twitter, and thinking about how it’s sorta a travesty that I haven’t shown these yet, I figured I’d post some of the actual Tweet Titans character concept art I used as a template for drawing all these.

So let’s start with the dramatic design reveal in today’s update – namely, that of Stormy’s redesign.

Now, like all the Tweet Titans concepts, Stormy’s original design was based off of the persona/appearance/avatar of her online namesake – thus, the original design used her TFA Jetstorm-inspired outfit that I adapted for the character model.

But coming back to drawing these characters a year later, I figured I’d take advantage of my planned “team is broken up” backstory and do some concept redesigns. In Stormy’s case, this consisted of giving her an outfit inspired by Quorra’s in Tron: Legacy, given her namesake also happens to be a big Tron fan.