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Especially since I’m now providing color, I think it’s probably pretty obvious that Invy’s online namesake also inspired a BT Toons continuity character.

Like Stormy, Invy was based off one of the TFA Jet Twins originally in her outfit – namely, Animated Jetfire. Given my intent with the redesign was to have her no longer actively crimefighting, her design got changed to something far more casual.

Given her namesake also dabbled in RPing one of the Insecticons at the time, I figured I’d work that into the redesign, making an Insecticon-inspired jacket decowise. The shirt sans jacket (in the art anyway) features a Scraplet – something that I’m pretty sure the final drawn design doesn’t actually have, given that sort of detail is tricky to work in without cluttering up a design.

And as for the headband, well something needed to replace goggles.