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So, yet another Tweet Titans redesign (or rather, two), as of this Monday’s comic, are now revealed.

So have a blog post about one of the two, so I can pad out these entries a bit more 😛

As I’ve already mentioned in the backstory writeups, Malu has gone one to make a bunch of money via children’s entertainment – given his special ability is lifted from that of TMNT’s Kirby, that is to be able to draw things that come to life, it’s easily something that can be monetized into a successful career. And children’s entertainment is pretty darn lucrative if you play your cards right.

And thus, a more “refined” redesign, with the whole rich person look, and slippers based on the Pokemon Reuniclus, to cater to the interests of Malu’s namesake. Though not evident in this particular picture, he’s also picked up some weight relative to the original design, in part attributed to the cushier lifestyle he now has.