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It’s the puggle goddess herself! Yes, indeed, the internet and Twitter’s own Cally Karishokka was one of the first things i wanted to include that really got the ball rolling. Namely, the whole “let’s take sweet, awesome, modest, adorable Cally and make her into a sinister puggle-employing villain!” angle.

What can I say, I love juxtaposing those two elements.

Seriously though, her puggles are awesome. I’ve got a number of them – cool handcrafted little things. And for all of you Transformers fans out there, she’s got about 100 Transformers themed ones or so that’ll all be up for sale at Botcon! And if you won’t be there, there’s always her commissions, which she does every so often.

But anyway, her design was pretty simple. Take the standard blue puggle design associated with her, make it her head, and then do up the rest using a bunch of  “artist creator” cues.

You can find out more about Cally’s awesome puggle products and how to buy them at her DeviantArt page.

</End shameless unsolicited plug>