Those of you who’ve read Calvin and Hobbes should hopefully know the comic I’m homaging.

The rest of you must be too young to have read Calvin and Hobbes, in which case you need to get on it pronto. One of the best comic strips of all time, it is.

That said, the G2 Bruticus colors are not ONLY DLC, but they’re also going to be an Amazon/BBTS exclusive repaint of the toy. Which is awesome, especially since the package is done up in early 90s style complete with the illustrator who did the G2 toy boxart brought back to do it.

Back to the subject of best comics ever, though… one of the best (and few remaining new) newspaper comics of our time is sadly going to be ending soon. Richard Thompson’s “Cul-De-Sac” is going to end on September 23, due to his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s Disease taking too much of a toll on him to keep doing the strip. A horrible and savage blow for comiclovers everywhere, given just how damn AWESOME his strip is.

So that said, I’m gonna dedicate this homage strip to him, and implore you all, if you haven’t yet already, to check out his strip before it ends on September 23.