Wait what’s this? A new comic? Yes!

So I’ve been mainlining Transformers Victory the past month. (Admittedly that doesn’t sound like a “mainlining” speed, but LOOK BUSY. And episode 19… oh my god, episode 19.

Look this is a really good show that not enough people have seen. It’s “what if you had a Transformers series written like a tokusatsu.” And the story of Deathcobra’s death… oh my god it’s great and hilarious and I’d heard about it but I wasn’t ready for it and it’s been living in my head rent-free.

The full saga is here. It’s only about 5 minutes or so of screentime.

Anyway I had this idea pop into my head while out and about one day and OH MY GOD I knew I had to draw it. Credit to my friend Matt for acting as encouragement on this. (Not that my brain needed much of it once it was slotted in there.) This has been unbelievably FUN to draw, darting between referencing the original Loss comic and reference materials for the Breastforce (yes, that’s their team name and no, it’s actually pretty logical and 100% not lewd).

Also you can buy this comic as a tshirt! So hey, merch plug.

Oh, and hey, TFcon Toronto is in just a couple of weeks! I’ll be there as per usual!