Fun fact – I originally wasn’t going to bring Shiels back. Given other story stuff that I’ve been workshopping that diverged from this continuity in the planning phases, I was planning to not use her.

Plans change when strips start to write themselves.

In any case, her appearance is still meant to be consistent with her last canonical appearance. Buried underneath the snow there, in fact, is what’s left of her busted car, apparently still parked on the road.

Panels 3-4 were definitely the ones that took the longest to come together though, on account of me making SO MANY script revisions over the week once it became clear this wasn’t gonna be done for Tuesday. Exposition dump panels are a freaking ART.

One final note that’s fun – while the bar is very much that from past strips, the palette has been updated using a commission I got from my friend Constant Scribbles years ago as the basis. You should all go buy art from him when he reopens commissions next.

I’m guessing the next comic update is gonna be another Friday one too, so tune in whenever it’s done!