This comic did not exist in my head until late Saturday night, after I’d finished working on the previous one and was late night Discord chatting with a friend about the 100% Real Reason I have yet to start Pokemon Legends Arceus.

(I’ve had time here and there where I could have started, but I haven’t.)

Then this conversation (well, paraphrased) more or less took place, and after shaking my head at myself I knew I had a self-deprecating comic on my hands, as well as a name for my Pokemon trainer.

Seriously, probably best not to google Kiss Players at work, just saying. It’s a thing that happened, and Chris McFeely does a pretty good job describing it in the most PG (but still not kid friendly) way possible on his YouTube channel.

And you REALLY don’t want to google the statue figurine I mentioned.

(And now that this is done, and that I have both a trainer name and another finished comic in the bank, in theory I can actually go start Legends Arceus!)