Man, this sucker took way too long to draw!

(And here I figured it’d be quick…. until I started that last panel and hit my artist’s inability to draw certain things well block).

But yeah, this was inspired by the SOPA/PIPA blackouts that happened back on Wednesday. And is still sorta relevant given Megaupload got shut down (though going off the goings-on there, I’m suspecting that there’s more to them getting taken out than simple copyright infringement charges, given the lengths they’ve gone to).

As for Captain Freedom himself….. well, he predates this comic by several years – pretty sure he dates back to 2003, off the top of my head. Oh, the days of high school yore, when I was more politically naive, radicalized, and more unabashedly anti-George W Bush in general. Thankfully, I live in a province where that sentiment gets burned out FAR too easily (or at least, it did at the time…. now things are getting interesting provincially, as far as politics go.)

But anyway. Captain Freedom is the establishment. He’s the encroachment of government power. He’s the happy face put on whatever overreaching policy the government wants passed. He’s the cheerful mouthpiece of Citizens United’s outcome. He’s the guy who preaches the purity of the American way as he gleefully locks up dissidents in Guantanamo Bay.

In short, he’s the hypocrisy of US policies given physical form.