Well, I’ll be honest. I did not see the last panel turning out the way it did when I started this.

As for some character notes…. well, The Capitalist (“Fatman”) is yet another carryover from Captain Freedom’s era of appearing in heavily opinionated high school newspaper comics. The dude was created for my response to the MPAA anti-piracy propaganda of the time that they were playing in theatres; and honestly, that’s one of the comics I feel holds up best out of the bunch I did.

Also appearing in this comic is a character (bottom left of panel 5) belonging to my buddy Malunis, from his own projects (used with permission), as well as several cameos of various people online.

For whom I’m probably gonna need to create expy names soon in-comic continuity, going off how often I’ve used them as bodies to fill areas.

Let’s face it – classrooms are hard to fill.

Oh. And one final note. The Capitalist’s totally intended to be voiced by Kevin Conroy.