So you know how every year, I mention having done a 24 hour comic for BT Toons?

Well, given the impending relevance of certain plot elements, and the fact I’m on vacation, it felt like time to dig up the original 2009 issue and clean it up for publishability.

My current aim is to try and keep to Wed/Sat updates, but post a couple pages per update – given it’s 24 pages total I don’t want these to go up too slowly, so I may revise this per update page count down the road. But at least this week, don’t expect any fancy ornamentation aside from art that I did a cleanup pass on – I may go back and add some greyscale coloring later once I’m back home.

It also bears mentioning that the update speed will also be dependent on rewrites. This is one of those odd cases where it’s an issue that laid the groundwork for certain plot ideas in my head (and as such is critical for archival purposes) but this was back in 2009, and while the overall story isn’t any different, this really has a bunch of problems with it re: pacing/delivery. Hell, I’m even toying with drawing some new pages on account of certain things in it being horribly set up/delivered to fill some gaps.

One thing that probably won’t change, though, is some more…. well, immature ideas, which I’ll probably go into more depth on later. It’s a case of material that I was more comfortable drawing 6 years ago but that I look back on now and go “oh god wow I actually did that; thank god I dropped that other idea I had back then for time as that would have been AWFUL in retrospect”. Given changing it would need a LOT of reworking of artwork, overall it feels like I’ll just have to own up to it when I get to those pages and play the ball as it lies.

And if you somehow got this far in reading all this stuff congratulations, me, you just read your own blog post and wasted your own time.