Only one page today; haven’t finished the post-processing on the next one.

Which means that there IS something I’ll be able to throw together for Saturday for sure! Which is nice given how busy I’m going to be over the next several weekends (One of which is actually going to be the 24 Hour comic drawing for 2015, it so happens) and the next few weeks (I have another side project on my front burner that needs doing over the next month)

Hopefully I can get past requiring freshly drawn pages soon and actually start using some of the banked artwork for this story. As is, it’s worth saying that this entire confrontation sequence in the original story, INCLUDING that splash art a few updates back, was originally 3 pages. And this one’s already at that, with at least three more on the way.

At least the Wii U controller makes for a great Netflix machine while I’m drawing at my desk in the other room.