In case anyone was wondering, it should now be pretty easy to intuit where my time was devoted last week instead of towards drawing comics.

All these trainer outfit combos/hairstyles are not only in the game, but, aside from the first one, are all taken from the various trainer photos I took throughout the game that got saved to my 3DS.

For further record, the ones where my trainer is suited up are from when I decided I meant business. Namely, my takedown of Team Flare and my confrontation with the Elite Four.

As for the actual game though… oh man. Having not played since the days of Gold/Silver, I am LOVING this game. Hell, the customization options alone are enough of a time waster, but it’s amazing just how far this franchise has come overtime. If I were to level any complaints at all at this game, it’d be reduced to nitpicky stuff like being unable to remove the trainer’s hat. Because I really have no substantive complaints about the look/feel of the game or the gameplay itself.

(Also, a pox on the Luminos City boutique for its highway robbery prices. 300K for a trenchcoat dress is insane. Thank god for the Battle Chateau and its ability to rapidly replenish one’s wallet. )