I swear, this comic got delayed 2 weeks or so due to how I kept coming up with other ideas.

But it was really fun to draw. I started on this BEFORE Sonic Generations came out for PC.

And for the record, panel 3 is basically why I did this. Though in my original concept it was Omega, not Tails. And I assume it was Marine or Rouge who crashed Angel Island. And while I never got to touch on it, Guinan was gonna be-

You know what? I can’t honestly remember who I decided Guinan was in my concept. But heck – Nate Morgan works fine.

And yes, I pretty much melded elements from the cartoons, games, and comics here. That should be sorta obvious though.

Would touch more on Sonic Generations itself, except I think I’ve covered that in past comments. That, and I have another comic coming re: Generations.

Hopefully I get inspired to do some Batman or something afterwards. Unless I go straight into the story I keep pushing back.