So yeah, this whole “City of Heroes” cancellation thing is a real shame. To give the short version, they announced only a couple weeks ago that, without warning, the game was gonna be shuttered in a couple months. The development studio’s been killed, the staff being scattered to the winds, and the game being unceremoniously put down by the parent company, NCSoft.

Am I a regular player? No. I played for a few weeks ages ago and got sucked in pretty solidly until I was able to extract myself from the singularty maw of a F2P MMO. And then got back into it after it got back on the brain thanks to the whole City of Heroes being shuttered fiasco. A LOT of people on my Twitter feed evidently play the game.

And yes, in case anyone’s curious, that’s what my Villain character looks like. (Just earned that cape the other day, too!) I’m half tempted to actually go and modify his bio to reflect a goal of destroying reality itself. After all, the way things are going, he’s gonna succeed.

So seize the moment, oppose Lord Tekno’s impending destruction of all that ever was, is, and will be, and fight  (in a civil, nonanarchic way) for NCSoft to either rescind their decision or sell the game to someone who’ll keep this very unique MMO alive! After all, it’s not a money loser – it’s just not enough of a money maker.