So hey! It’s finally a new comic! Took me long enough to actually draw one!

Also, happy new year (a little too late). Gotta keep up the “first comic of the year” tradition.

Experimenting a bit with some character design tweaks too, as one can see. Have been playing around with updating my sapient cat design to look more, well, catlike the last month or so, and I was pretty happy with the last result. The nose is indeed, in fact, the trickiest part of all this for me to get used to (though I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it.) And in fact, IIRC I don’t think Mew has even had a nose since his initial character design (and that was very quickly dropped).

Will probably do a proper official character model update once I’ve drawn it a few more times and it’s settled a bit more. (Granted, I don’t draw nearly often enough so we’ll see I guess.)

(Also yes this is absolutely the kind of niche reference I make IRL, though normally I’m making it in the company of people who understand said niche reference.)