Wait WHAT? A new comic? How did THAT happen?

And actually in reasonable time, no less!

Somehow I wedged this in between some side stuff I should be working on and Sonic Frontiers. So woot! And with that said a couple of random notes:

-It’s a redesign of Mew’s “Phiffer” supervillain outfit! Given the character model update, this needed adjusting too, and while doodling it the other week I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint, to boot.

-Shiels’ hair with her roots showing is something I VERY MUCH did not intend to put first in a side comic, but hey, that’s my own fault for having stuff on the drawing board for months and months.

-Yes, I’m referencing THAT song and THAT IASIP scene.

-All of Mew’s mousey minions share a genetic template. No exceptions.