That’s right – I finally got around to doing some new Sourcebook pages!

For those unaware, the original Sourcebook was a thing I did YEARS ago as a storyline catchup thing. All with info that, now, is pretty incredibly obsolete – back then it was an excuse to build a library of character models and do something with all those updates.

This latest sourcebook edition serves a different purpose – namely, to act as a malleable “New Readers” guide for anyone just discovering this comic on account of that Amiibo comic that got a ton of Tumblr exposure (still floored by that; much appreciated!)

There will be another update. Hopefully this weekend, possibly not depending on if I have the time to finish the art for them in the next couple days.

And yeah, there’s a few character design tweaks I’ve made here and there, based on some stuff I liked from art style experimentation, and in one case due to a recent brainstorm while drawing recent strips. Time will tell if they stick, I guess.