Wait wait what’s this? A new comic?

To quote Seymour Skinner, “yes!” I finally went and finished the strip I started drawing back in March and then didn’t finish drawing. I think half the reason this got delayed was I kept being dissatisfied with art elements and redrawing parts.

Is it still relevant in June? Um, ah, er, that is to say…. I mean it’s more a Helldivers politics joke than a Helldivers joke so kinda?

Anyway yeah, Captain Freedom strips kinda have always written themselves for me. Funnily, the key thing that keeps bugging me about them these days is how, as a parody of right wing jingoism, 2004’s Captain Freedom as written by high school me would be considered centrist by today’s Overton window. It’s scary.

(I’ll note too that I used “greatest” instead of “founding” very specifically.)

So anyway why no comics in the meantime? Largely because between streaming, OC arting, convention prep, and all the general creative hats I swap between look I get pretty busy. Maybe someday I should reedit and post all of the 2010s 24 hour comics I’ve yet to publish anywhere but that are technically canon…

Not sure when the next comic will be going live – I do have ideas, but we’ll see what I get done when.