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So hey, people! If you’re reading this, I’m on vacation and it’s the future now!

But anyway, to look back at the past, here’s a quick look at Artoni’s character model. Long story short, she got brought in given I felt DJW needed another minion to further crowd the cast. (Plus, her counterpart tends to be the type to organize stuff and get crap done – all ideal minion aspects.) Meant to embody her IRL counterpart’s cosplay hobby, the outfit’s based off a fancharacter of her namesake – namely, Drama Llama, who’s meant to mock the more mockable aspects of the Transformers fandom.

(If memory serves, said fancharacter’s head is in fact the rear end.)

There’s a deal of variation in her design in the first few pages from the character model, if only because I happened to make some design tweaks I liked when I was drawing them last week.