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Also getting a redesign tweak in the new Tweet Titans comic was Code. His original design gave him a long trenchcoat – a feature which inspired his dark-colored redesign. Further, the costume also informed personality – namely, some sort of mashup between Rorschach and every awesome iteration of Batman (which would be all of them; most notably the Kevin Conroy and Diedrich Bader iterations).

Interestingly enough, looking back at the color version it’s clear I made a few simplifying design departures from what I’ve drawn here when I did all my new pages, plus added in sunglasses rather than regular glasses – probably just to amp up the whole mysterious badass factor.

Eruvy, meanwhile, I don’t have much to say about. She’s a dragonkitty, and her design went unchanged from the original, save for a bit of simplification here and there. Given I’ve got barely anything to say about her, the Eruvy post’s going here.